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Pointers for Buying Bridesmaid Dresses

After finding your dream wedding dress, it’s time for the next step of your wedding shopping adventure: finding dream bridesmaid dresses. No matter your wedding theme, you can make bridesmaid dress shopping a joy to share with your besties.

Time Allowance

Usually, it will take as long as six months for you to receive your orders, plus a month to a month and a half for alterations. A time allowance of about six to eight months will ensure that you and your ladies have enough time to look for the right dresses and fit.


When it comes to research nowadays, online is the most convenient place and method to do it. There are tons of gowns online, which you can just bookmark and then share with the women. Of course, those traditional magazines haven’t exactly lost their value when it comes to providing ideas or inspiration. You can tear out pages to help you focus on the colors and styles that you want.

With Company

Decide what kind of shopping experience works for you best. If you’re usually sure of what you want, maybe you should shop alone. If you’re type who likes input from others, then bring along some trusted friends (not too many though as you may only end up confused).

The Perfect Fit

A bridesmaid dress is often ordered with the bridesmaid’s biggest measurements (hips, waist, bustline), which means your friends will probably order dresses that are at least one size larger than their usual dress. If one of the girls is inclined to buy a smaller size, tell her it’s safer to get a bigger dress, which can simply be altered to fit her size, as opposed to buying a dress that is too small, where the only option is to order another dress.

Shade or Tint

There are lots of ways that you can choose the perfect color. One is by playing off the color schemes of your venue or by considering the season. For example, you should probably avoid hot pink dresses if your venue will be a vintage vineyard where the most dominant color is burgundy.

Marsala, emerald and other rich colors are great in the fall and winter months, while for spring and summer, you’ll want to go with mint, lavender and other lighter shades. If you’re still at a loss for what you really want, just pick a generic color, such as blue, and have your girls choose their favorite shades to come up with a trendier, more erratic look.

Complementary Shades

Lastly, your choice of color or colors of bridesmaid dresses may be based on skin tones. Cobalt blue and hot pink, for instance, will pop just right against darker-skinned ladies, while sapphire, emerald and other jewel tones are gorgeous on the fair-skinned.

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